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6358 : Kennethkes
Вопрос удален
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6357 : JakeAnexy
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6356 : Frankgrert
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6355 : MichaelDot
This happens in Australia. A driver is at a petrol station. He fills his car. He walks away to pay. A thief enters his car. He wants to steal it. The driver wants to stop the thief. He starts to run. He jumps into the window of the car.
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This scares the thief. He runs away. Police are looking for the thief.

Difficult words: fill (to put petrol in), thief (a person who steals things), steal (to take things which are not yours).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

   23.09.2023 23:43:10   
6354 : HectorLoall

   23.09.2023 06:42:13   
6353 : Monicauselt
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6351 : CliftonEnurn
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6350 : KermitNic

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6349 : Ivywet
Поздравляю, какое отличное сообщение.
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